Countdown to Easter…

Our preparations for the new cruising season started in earnest once we had seen the New Year in. Scott got busy in the sanitation department moving our guest quarters toilet pump to a new position in the engine room – hopefully making for a quieter toilet experience, so to speak! He also removed a redundant autopilot system ( not Mary!) which has created more storage space in the wheelhouse cupboards – and he also improved the insulation in same cupboards. The boat’s battery system got an overhaul with some improved venting.

In February we made the trip to Corpach boatyard for haul-out and antifouling. A check on bearings and replacement of anodes was part of the deal and Scott got a new coat of paint on the hull.


Inside, Red Moon has benefitted this year with some new wheelhouse shelving, a tidy up of paintwork and a complete re – varnish of all our floorboards which has given her a bit more of a warm glow!









Most recently we have carrying out the annual upkeep of her exterior paintwork and varnishing – dodging the wet weather as usual. We are almost there and she’s looking a lot smarter.

So it’s been a period of steady progress and pleasingly seen our bookings calendar filling up nicely which is always very exciting for us. Whilst our first official charter of the year is at Easter, in the Sound of Mull, there is going to be a ‘shakedown / birthday cruise’ with friends the weekend before Easter- a chance for us to get back into the groove of cruising/chartering!

There have been one or two lovely days recently and it gives us hope and inspiration for the summer to come…next stop Skye in May!